A Bad Case of The Basement Blues

Do you have a room in your house that just makes you depressed?  You enter it only to just turn around and walk away?  This is exactly how my client felt about her basement.  She was paralyzed by the amount of stuff she had accumulated.  She also couldn't figure out where to start.  We had already worked on the rooms in the main living area of her house earlier in the month.  The upstairs was looking beautiful but the basement...just gloomy. ...continue reading

Medicine In The Closet

I keep our medicine in the closet.  Three reasons.  One: It is supposed to be kept in a room temperature spot, away from humidity....ie not in the bathroom.  Two: I have a lock on this closet door that none of my children can open...yet.  Three: It's where I have the space.  I keep all the meds on this lazy suzan which is great because I can spin it and find what I need.  It is also great in case anything happens to leak...it doesn't get all over my shelf.  This is ...continue reading