Warranties Are Great…If You Can Find Them

It's that time of the year when we all have a new toy or gadget that we have purchased for ourselves or our children.  We have all those papers that come with the item and the receipt if we have any problems.  But what do we do with that stuff?  How can you ensure that you have it when the time comes that you need it?  I thought I'd show you what I have done with my own warranties and product information.  I have seven 3ring binders.  They are separated into categories. ...continue reading

Office Love

We have all been there a time or two.  Our office is a mess.  We haven't filed papers in who knows how long.  We're just trying to get the work done and haven't really had enough time to get on top of the stuff that is piling up.  Maybe you moved into an office that already had furniture.  You didn't pick what was in there and you haven't moved a thing or really considered anything alternative.   This is exactly where this client was when she called me.  She had some ...continue reading

Get It Outta Here!

So you've started working on organizing your home.  You have decluttered a bit and you have piles of stuff sitting around neatly waiting for you to find a home for them.  You have some furniture you're using but it's not exactly working for you like you wanted.  You paid good money for something or your mother gave it to you. What do you do?  There are a few ways to get rid of things...some require a bit more work than others. Selling Things Online: Craigslist:  This ...continue reading

Keeping Things In Order : Your Family Vehicle

Yesterday I talked about how to set up systems with your laundry and clothing.  Today i wanted to talk about your car.  As a mother of three I spend a lot of time in my car on a daily basis.  When it gets dirty and full of trash or junk it makes me frustrated.   I set up a couple of systems in my car to keep it from being the pit of doom. First is the trunk.  The way way back of my minivan.  It's a large space and can get filled quickly.  I use it like a closet in my ...continue reading

Be careful what you bring inside

I recently started a  swap group on facebook for my friends.  I'm notorious for selling things in my home in order to buy something else.  My friends always kidded me about it but really they wanted to do it themselves.  I decided to start a little group where we could post pictures and wishlists and be able to swap things with each other so that we don't have to spend money.  It's been so fantastic.  So many great things have been swapped and I think people are really ...continue reading