Activity Bags

My children are 11, 9 and 5.  We have one playing volleyball, one playing flag football and one taking trapeze lessons.  On top of that we attend church regularly and sometimes help out with the campus ministry at church.  And we do have a little bit of a social life beyond that...sometimes.  HA!   Last year we were always arriving at someone's lesson or practice and the other children were complaining of being bored, thirsty of hungry.  So this year we are trying to be ...continue reading

Listen To Your Own Advice…I Must Confess

So I must confess,  I had a bit of meltdown with a good friend this week.  I was feeling overwhelmed with all the life changes going on here at my house.  I wouldn't consider myself an over achiever in motherhood but I do like to accomplish what goals I set for myself. This week however, I've felt a bit like I was chasing my own life.  My 8 year old told me that all she wanted for her birthday was poppyseed chicken...a dinner favorite. Which means I haven't made it in ...continue reading

Keeping Things In Order : Your Family Vehicle

Yesterday I talked about how to set up systems with your laundry and clothing.  Today i wanted to talk about your car.  As a mother of three I spend a lot of time in my car on a daily basis.  When it gets dirty and full of trash or junk it makes me frustrated.   I set up a couple of systems in my car to keep it from being the pit of doom. First is the trunk.  The way way back of my minivan.  It's a large space and can get filled quickly.  I use it like a closet in my ...continue reading