Monday Challenge : List-en Up!

It's back to school week here at Moon Headquarters.  The kids are headed off on Wednesday which means that in theory I should be able to accomplish more than one or two things in a day.   This means my list making skills are about to be put to good use.  This year I am going to be working, serving as PTA secretary, serving the campus students at church, helping my husband with one of his ventures and mommying full time.  There is something so incredibly frustrating about ...continue reading

I Must Confess: Kitchen Envy

I have kitchen envy.  I live in a 1960's ranch home.  It's solid, brick construction in a rectangle.  I love our house but the kitchen is something I would love to change.  We have old cabinets that were built here in the house and therefore can't be simply reconfigured.  They have been painted and updated with new knobs but that's about all.   They are all one solid piece on each wall.  We have a soffit at the top of the cabinets that I always view as wasted space.   We ...continue reading

Warranties Are Great…If You Can Find Them

It's that time of the year when we all have a new toy or gadget that we have purchased for ourselves or our children.  We have all those papers that come with the item and the receipt if we have any problems.  But what do we do with that stuff?  How can you ensure that you have it when the time comes that you need it?  I thought I'd show you what I have done with my own warranties and product information.  I have seven 3ring binders.  They are separated into categories. ...continue reading

Organized Christmas Shopping

Are you finished with your Christmas shopping?  Have you started yet?  I am in the middle somewhere.  I have a couple of people to buy a gift for who I'm undecided.  I have a few things I'm waiting for in the mail.  I have a few little things to pick up but have plans to do that on Friday.  I thought I would tell you about a couple of tools that have helped me be really organized for shopping this year. Amazon Universal Wishlist   First you go to Amazon Universal ...continue reading

Vacation Does A Body Good

I took a short little mommy vacation this past weekend.  I spent Thursday through Sunday visiting one of my best friends in Alabama.  The Mr. stayed back home with our three kiddos and didn't complain one bit.  I'm so grateful for times like that to just get away and have fun with a friend.   She lives in a beautiful home that looks out on a lake.  It was almost magical to watch the mist roll over the top of the lake in the morning. She invited some of her friends ...continue reading