Mmmm Pancakes

All my good friends know that cooking, grocery shopping and all things food related are my weakness.  It's not that I'm a bad cook.  It's that I don't really enjoy cooking alone.  I don't enjoy making meals unless someone else is helping.  Here at Moon one else is interested either.  But this last week my children started back to school.  This means getting up early and getting three children ready for school, lunches made and fed breakfast.  I decided ...continue reading

No office? No problem!

So you don't have a dedicated space in your home for an're not alone.  So often those spaces get taken over my the little humans we have created.  I used to have an I have Scarlett.  Ha! But seriously...just because you don't have an office doesn't mean you don't have office stuff.  Printer paper, staplers, tape, file folders, extra checks, rubber bands, etc.  In my house I decided to dedicate a hall closet in my house to be my office supply ...continue reading

Portable Art Station

I love art supplies.  I like them to be accessible for my children at all times..well some supplies.  Crayons and coloring pencils (and paper) are always readily available here at my house.  Here's an idea for corralling all those coloring supplies.  I found a utensil holder at Target on clearance.  It's made of melamine, holds lots of crayons and pencils and has a handy dandy little handle to carry it from dining table to kitchen counter to coffee table.  It's easy to ...continue reading

Five on Friday – Five Minute Projects

I decided today deserved a five on friday post.  Today's post is going to be five short five minute projects you can do this weekend to organize your home!  Sometimes it's those 5 minute projects that really motivate you to get started on something bigger!  Set your timer...see if you can get it done in just five minutes.  The key is to not get distracted by something else and to not linger over the project at hand.  None of these are meant to be super emotionally ...continue reading

I Love Chests!

One of my favorite storage tools often goes unrecognized.  Many people assume that a chest is only used for clothing in a bedroom.  I would like to hold your hand and help you step out of the box and think about using chests/dressers as storage all over your house.   I love to use them to organize all over my house.  Here is a chest that a client of mine just purchased to use in her living room.  She had it painted a fun color to add a little pop in her decor.  She plans ...continue reading