I Must Confess: Kitchen Envy

I have kitchen envy.  I live in a 1960's ranch home.  It's solid, brick construction in a rectangle.  I love our house but the kitchen is something I would love to change.  We have old cabinets that were built here in the house and therefore can't be simply reconfigured.  They have been painted and updated with new knobs but that's about all.   They are all one solid piece on each wall.  We have a soffit at the top of the cabinets that I always view as wasted space.   We ...continue reading

Pinterest Challenge…Measure Up

  So many of us want to spend time organizing every last beautiful thing our children do.  How they look, what they say, how they are growing...the list goes on and on doesn't it? I want to but the truth is that I have three children and two businesses and a busy life.   I have managed to put a few things down in a baby book and I've been pretty  good about documenting their live in photos.  One thing we are always talking about here at our house is how big the ...continue reading