Office Love

We have all been there a time or two.  Our office is a mess.  We haven't filed papers in who knows how long.  We're just trying to get the work done and haven't really had enough time to get on top of the stuff that is piling up.  Maybe you moved into an office that already had furniture.  You didn't pick what was in there and you haven't moved a thing or really considered anything alternative.   This is exactly where this client was when she called me.  She had some ...continue reading

Are you ready for the paper?

So your children have started school and every week (or maybe every day) they come home with papers.  They have notes from school, fliers to sign up for new activities, art they have created or schoolwork they have completed.  You pull it out of their backpack, take a quick glance over all that you see and stack it nicely in a pile on the counter. WRONG ANSWER!!!! If you do this big deal.  You do this half a dozen times and before you know it you're out of ...continue reading