Five of My Favorite Things

I was shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond this morning and realized that I have a few favorite organizing tools.  They aren't needed in all situations but they are a few things that I really love and I thought I'd introduce you if you don't already know and love them.  All my clients will probably know at least one of these things that I have recommended. First up...oxo food storage containers.  They are clear, rectangular, stackable and air tight.  I love them and they ...continue reading

Where Would You Start Organizing?

Have you ever sat in the middle of your house and wondered how in the world you were going to get your space organized?  Where should you start? Will it make a difference? Is it overwhelming not knowing how to begin.  That is precisely where my client this week was.  She has a toddler and a baby...enough said.  She didn't have hoards of things all over her house.  She didn't have a dirty house.  She just had stuff and hadn't quite figured out how to fit it in her space. ...continue reading