Declutter Your Yard

We talk all the time about your indoor spaces.  But this week in Georgia I just CANNOT stay indoors.  It's BEAUTIFUL outside (if you don't have a pollen allergy). I have moved my laptop outside so I can enjoy the breeze.  I'm hosting a baby shower this weekend so I decided to spruce up the outdoor space.   So let's talk about the great outdoors. How do you feel about your back yard?  Is it a space you enjoy?  If not, take a moment and tell me why?  Is it space?  Is it ...continue reading

My Green Thumb

Every year it happens....the weather warms up, things start turning green and blooming and I get the desire to go bonkers on my yard and start gardening.  My sweet husband does not get the same urges and just laughs.  It's ok because I don't mind getting out there on my own.  Today I did some tidying of my own yard.  We have a great yard.  It was one of the reasons we purchased this home.  Today I didn't rearrange rooms, instead I rearranged some plants in my yard.  The ...continue reading