Closet Before and After

Sometimes all it takes is a little motivation and another person's eye to get your closet working well for you.  I had just that situation recently when a client wanted to redo her closet.  We didn't have a lot of time to work together so we tag teamed her closet.  She spent a late night pulling everything out of her closet and getting rid of many things.  She left me with the clothes that she wanted to go back into her closet and left me alone, in charge.  I was able to ...continue reading

My Green Thumb

Every year it happens....the weather warms up, things start turning green and blooming and I get the desire to go bonkers on my yard and start gardening.  My sweet husband does not get the same urges and just laughs.  It's ok because I don't mind getting out there on my own.  Today I did some tidying of my own yard.  We have a great yard.  It was one of the reasons we purchased this home.  Today I didn't rearrange rooms, instead I rearranged some plants in my yard.  The ...continue reading

The Way You Make Me Feel

I have been told over and over by my clients that they love how having an organized home makes them feel.  It's not just a matter of feeling put together and having things look pretty.  It's not about making your home look like a catalog.  It's about your home feeling like YOUR HOME.  It's about your home portraying exactly what you want it to instead of feeling like your home isn't YOUR OWN. Sure, there are benefits to having a home that is Neat & Pretty. You ...continue reading

I Must Confess: Kitchen Envy

I have kitchen envy.  I live in a 1960's ranch home.  It's solid, brick construction in a rectangle.  I love our house but the kitchen is something I would love to change.  We have old cabinets that were built here in the house and therefore can't be simply reconfigured.  They have been painted and updated with new knobs but that's about all.   They are all one solid piece on each wall.  We have a soffit at the top of the cabinets that I always view as wasted space.   We ...continue reading

Do It With Me: Spring Clothing Purge Challenge

I  came down with a fever today...a spring cleaning fever!  If you know me well...then you know I actually don't like to clean at all.  So when I get the fever I purge closets.  Today I decided it was my turn to purge things out of my own closet.  I have had a stack of those "too small" clothes sitting in the top of my closet for way too long.  It was time to just let go. I also had 50 hangers worth of things in my closet that I just needed to let go of...they were ...continue reading