No office? No problem!

So you don't have a dedicated space in your home for an're not alone.  So often those spaces get taken over my the little humans we have created.  I used to have an I have Scarlett.  Ha! But seriously...just because you don't have an office doesn't mean you don't have office stuff.  Printer paper, staplers, tape, file folders, extra checks, rubber bands, etc.  In my house I decided to dedicate a hall closet in my house to be my office supply ...continue reading

Office Love

We have all been there a time or two.  Our office is a mess.  We haven't filed papers in who knows how long.  We're just trying to get the work done and haven't really had enough time to get on top of the stuff that is piling up.  Maybe you moved into an office that already had furniture.  You didn't pick what was in there and you haven't moved a thing or really considered anything alternative.   This is exactly where this client was when she called me.  She had some ...continue reading

Fishing For Cords

There are so many cords to keep up with these days.  I have my cell phone, my ipod, my bluetooth ear piece, my camera, my other camera, my video camera, my daughter's camera....the list just goes on and on.  There are two cords in particular that we use ALL the time.  The first is the phone charger I have at my desk.  I like having my phone right by me while I work and it's a plus to have it plugged in.  What I do not like is fishing down underneath or behind my desk ...continue reading

A Bad Case of The Basement Blues

Do you have a room in your house that just makes you depressed?  You enter it only to just turn around and walk away?  This is exactly how my client felt about her basement.  She was paralyzed by the amount of stuff she had accumulated.  She also couldn't figure out where to start.  We had already worked on the rooms in the main living area of her house earlier in the month.  The upstairs was looking beautiful but the basement...just gloomy. ...continue reading

The Art of Organizing A Closet

Closets can be amazing.  They can also be dreadful.  It all comes down to how well you are able to make the space function and also be aesthetically pleasing.  I live in a 1964 ranch home.  They are not known for their amazing closet space but aside from the kitchen I can say that there is ample space in this home.  I have managed to successfully stash most everything we own within our main living space and avoid going to the attic which creeps me out to no extent.  I ...continue reading