Electronics Making Me Crazy

I'm an electronics junkie.   The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree and my kids are into their electronics too.   They end up plugged in all over the house and inevitably they get lost.  In fact...my oldest can't find her DS right now.   I also don't like them playing these late at night.  I'd rather them wind down with a book or my son likes to draw or write.  So I came up with a little tray in the living room for the electronics to live and get charged up.  I got ...continue reading

Double Up!

Have you ever considered that having two of an item might make your life a little easier?  I know doubling what you have wouldn't be called decluttering or simplifying but it might really make life easier if you don't have to go hunting for that one item.  Here are a few items I was thinking of that might be a good idea to duplicate: 1-cleaning supplies - Having a set of cleaning supplies on each floor of your house (or maybe in each bathroom) would make it easier to do ...continue reading

Five on Friday – Five Minute Projects

I decided today deserved a five on friday post.  Today's post is going to be five short five minute projects you can do this weekend to organize your home!  Sometimes it's those 5 minute projects that really motivate you to get started on something bigger!  Set your timer...see if you can get it done in just five minutes.  The key is to not get distracted by something else and to not linger over the project at hand.  None of these are meant to be super emotionally ...continue reading

Find It In Five

How do you know if you are actually organized?  It's doesn't matter if it looks great if you can't find what you are looking for or needing.  The inability to find what you are in need of costs you money.   If you can't find it, you must replace it or do without.  How many times have you purchased something only to find it's duplicate in some random spot in your home.   While working on a project with my clients we often find duplicates of staplers, scissors, nail ...continue reading