Making Winter Clothes Last Longer

Every year my sons arms grow.  Every single year.  Can you believe it? Ha! He even outgrows his clothing!  But seriously, I have to convert to the spring/summer wardrobe and to make the winter wardrobe stretch a bit furthur I have found I can convert some of Jackson's long sleeve shirts into short sleeves.  He often has shirts that look like they are two shirts. So I cut out the undershirt part. It usually starts at the shoulder of the shirt. And voila...long ...continue reading

Five on Friday – Five Minute Projects

I decided today deserved a five on friday post.  Today's post is going to be five short five minute projects you can do this weekend to organize your home!  Sometimes it's those 5 minute projects that really motivate you to get started on something bigger!  Set your timer...see if you can get it done in just five minutes.  The key is to not get distracted by something else and to not linger over the project at hand.  None of these are meant to be super emotionally ...continue reading

I Love Chests!

One of my favorite storage tools often goes unrecognized.  Many people assume that a chest is only used for clothing in a bedroom.  I would like to hold your hand and help you step out of the box and think about using chests/dressers as storage all over your house.   I love to use them to organize all over my house.  Here is a chest that a client of mine just purchased to use in her living room.  She had it painted a fun color to add a little pop in her decor.  She plans ...continue reading

Dress up…the walls

I have three children and they have all enjoyed playing dress up at some point or another.  We have had a million and one princess dresses, puppy dog costumes, click clack high heel shoes, necklaces, hats and the like.  Keeping all that stuff organized can be a nightmare.  Here are a few tips I have for keeping dress up from getting out of control. Choose your dress up stuff wisely and get rid of the junk.  Go ahead and get rid of that annoying costume that your 4 ...continue reading

Artwork Taking Over Your Life?

Ok maybe not your life...but is your child's art and school work taking over your kitchen counter?  Let's talk about some ideas for what we can do to remedy that situation. First of all, you love your children and you love that they created something.  That is normal and good and healthy.  What is not healthy is feeling the need to keep every single little scrap of paper that they scribble on for fear that if you trash it you will erase all memory of them at that age. ...continue reading