Julie’s Principles of Organizing

Someone asked me the other day what were some common things I tell my clients.  I thought about it some and these are some things I try to teach all my clients.  If we have worked together before you'll probably be nodding your head along the way.   I hope these help spark some ideas for you and help you get started on your journey to having a Neat & Pretty space to enjoy! 1. Use Vertical Space We all know how to use flat surfaces to store our stuff (aka piles) ...continue reading

Let’s Get Vertical

I talk with all of my clients about using the vertical space in our homes and offices.  So often I see people using their closets to the max or using the floor space but I see vertical space being unused.  It's so valuable and can be so useful in your home.  I'll show you a few places in myhome where I am using vertical space. Off of my kitchen I have an area where we have some bins for storing headphones and chargers (and the top one has candy...shhh).  The ...continue reading

Tidy Little Toothbrushes

I can't take full credit for this project.  I saw a post on pinterest I think it was...someone remodeled their bathroom and used mason jars attached to a wooden board to organize their kids toothbrushes and toothpaste.  We have been in the throes of sickness for the entire month of December and I thought it might be nice to not be sharing toothbrush and toothpaste germs and maybe everyone would take a little more pride in how they dispense their toothpaste if it was ...continue reading

The Great Toy Purge

I had a reader ask me recently "Julie, how do you get kids to purge their toys? We are moving in the next month and I NEED to get my son's toy area reduced!!"  Such a great question. It's usually easy for us mother' to purge toys.  Things that relatives have given our children that we hate or are too noisy.  Toys that we don't see our children enjoying and playing with.  Large toys that take up lots of room.  These are easy for us...but what do you do when your child is ...continue reading

Portable Art Station

I love art supplies.  I like them to be accessible for my children at all times..well some supplies.  Crayons and coloring pencils (and paper) are always readily available here at my house.  Here's an idea for corralling all those coloring supplies.  I found a utensil holder at Target on clearance.  It's made of melamine, holds lots of crayons and pencils and has a handy dandy little handle to carry it from dining table to kitchen counter to coffee table.  It's easy to ...continue reading