Making Winter Clothes Last Longer

Every year my sons arms grow.  Every single year.  Can you believe it? Ha! He even outgrows his clothing!  But seriously, I have to convert to the spring/summer wardrobe and to make the winter wardrobe stretch a bit furthur I have found I can convert some of Jackson's long sleeve shirts into short sleeves.  He often has shirts that look like they are two shirts. So I cut out the undershirt part. It usually starts at the shoulder of the shirt. And voila...long ...continue reading

Do It With Me: Spring Clothing Purge Challenge

I  came down with a fever today...a spring cleaning fever!  If you know me well...then you know I actually don't like to clean at all.  So when I get the fever I purge closets.  Today I decided it was my turn to purge things out of my own closet.  I have had a stack of those "too small" clothes sitting in the top of my closet for way too long.  It was time to just let go. I also had 50 hangers worth of things in my closet that I just needed to let go of...they were ...continue reading

Fishing For Cords

There are so many cords to keep up with these days.  I have my cell phone, my ipod, my bluetooth ear piece, my camera, my other camera, my video camera, my daughter's camera....the list just goes on and on.  There are two cords in particular that we use ALL the time.  The first is the phone charger I have at my desk.  I like having my phone right by me while I work and it's a plus to have it plugged in.  What I do not like is fishing down underneath or behind my desk ...continue reading

Five of My Favorite Things

I was shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond this morning and realized that I have a few favorite organizing tools.  They aren't needed in all situations but they are a few things that I really love and I thought I'd introduce you if you don't already know and love them.  All my clients will probably know at least one of these things that I have recommended. First up...oxo food storage containers.  They are clear, rectangular, stackable and air tight.  I love them and they ...continue reading

Dress up…the walls

I have three children and they have all enjoyed playing dress up at some point or another.  We have had a million and one princess dresses, puppy dog costumes, click clack high heel shoes, necklaces, hats and the like.  Keeping all that stuff organized can be a nightmare.  Here are a few tips I have for keeping dress up from getting out of control. Choose your dress up stuff wisely and get rid of the junk.  Go ahead and get rid of that annoying costume that your 4 ...continue reading