Sister Sister

I have a wonderful sister.  She's four years younger than me. (We have an awesome brother in between us too.)  She lives here in Athens with me and we are great friends. Though we share many values and love many of the same things...we are definitely different when it comes to organizing.  Me....the organizer from birth and she...well let's just say she won't ever have a blog named "Neat & Pretty".  We shared a room for a good portion of our lives. We have many fond ...continue reading

Office and Laundry Room Update

Back in August we decided to update our laundry room/storage area and turn it into a functional office space for the Mister and a much more comfortable laundry room for myself.  This area is accessed by going out of our house into our carport and then there is a little room off the carport.  It's been cold and ugly and dirty...not exactly the place you'd like to be doing laundry or working, right? Here is a little reminder of what we did to the room in August. And here ...continue reading

HaPeeP Easter

The Easter bunny needs to get a hopping to the store to get some supplies for this weekend's festivities.   We have friends coming in town from Alabama for the weekend and I'm so very excited.  I love sharing my town and my family with friends.  I hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend.   Don't eat too many peeps! ...continue reading

Vacation Does A Body Good

I took a short little mommy vacation this past weekend.  I spent Thursday through Sunday visiting one of my best friends in Alabama.  The Mr. stayed back home with our three kiddos and didn't complain one bit.  I'm so grateful for times like that to just get away and have fun with a friend.   She lives in a beautiful home that looks out on a lake.  It was almost magical to watch the mist roll over the top of the lake in the morning. She invited some of her friends ...continue reading