Get It Outta Here!

So you've started working on organizing your home.  You have decluttered a bit and you have piles of stuff sitting around neatly waiting for you to find a home for them.  You have some furniture you're using but it's not exactly working for you like you wanted.  You paid good money for something or your mother gave it to you. What do you do?  There are a few ways to get rid of things...some require a bit more work than others. Selling Things Online: Craigslist:  This ...continue reading

It’s Business Time

My brand spanking new business cards came in the mail yesterday.  My sister created them for me and she did an awesome job.  Thank you Jami Howard!  I was so excited I was literally dancing around my house.  Yes...I'm pretty silly!  It just makes me feel so official to have something to hand my clients and for them to hand their friends.  And I know you are going to want to pass these along. Why?  Because on the back of the card has a referral part.  It has a place for ...continue reading