Christmas Presents Organized

It's so funny that when you are an organizer you naturally come up with a system for everything.  This time I came up with a system for organizing our Christmas presents. I'm not talking about the lists I have for each person I'm shopping for or the Wunderlist I've created for store by store shopping.  I'm talking about keeping track of what present is for what family after it's been wrapped and tagged.  If you're anything like our family we celebrate with friends and ...continue reading

My House Grew Three Sizes Today

One of my favorite parts about the Christmas holiday is putting away Christmas Decorations.  I love how my house feels so much larger after all the decorations are put back up into the attic.  Today was that day.  I thought I would share just a few simple things that I do to make it a bit easier to get the decorations out and put them away when we are finished.  For the record I had  great plan to get these things photographed before hubby put them up in the attic but I ...continue reading

Give Honor To The Things You Love

Today I helped a client choose what to put on some built in shelves in her dining/living area.  She hadn't really touched the shelves since she unpacked when they first moved in and random things were on the shelf.  We emptied the shelves completely and then I asked her to look around and bring me things that she loved.  At first, she had a hard time picking things.  She brought me one or two and I picked a few I personally loved.  Then she really started thinking about ...continue reading

Gift Certificates are Here!

Hot off the presses...I have gift certificates for this holiday season.  You can get a gift certificate in any amount you like.  Add it to your pinterest wishlist or share it with your husband so you get something that will be guaranteed to make you happy and make your life more organized. ...continue reading

Tis The Season…For Catalogs

 I'm sure if your mailbox is anything like my's filling up with catalogs.  I really enjoy getting them in the mail because it helps get me in the holiday spirit and it's also a great way to start getting ideas from the children about what they'd like for Christmas.  They start making lists and circling things instead of doing homework and eating their breakfast. least that is what happened this morning. But, if you're like me, you also end up ...continue reading