No Cables Needed…Just BUMP IT!

I am an iPhone user and I take lots of pictures.  I take pictures of my children.  I take pictures of my organizing projects.  I take pictures of things I'm selling on Craigslist.  I take pictures of things I think will work for clients.  I take pictures of things I think are beautiful.  Lots.  I share those from my phone on facebook or instagram but I always want them on my computer too.  There are many many ways to do that but one way that I found is especially helpful ...continue reading

Fishing For Cords

There are so many cords to keep up with these days.  I have my cell phone, my ipod, my bluetooth ear piece, my camera, my other camera, my video camera, my daughter's camera....the list just goes on and on.  There are two cords in particular that we use ALL the time.  The first is the phone charger I have at my desk.  I like having my phone right by me while I work and it's a plus to have it plugged in.  What I do not like is fishing down underneath or behind my desk ...continue reading