Organization in the car

Our family was blessed to be able to buy a new minivan this week. This was after our beloved minivan decided it didn't want to have a working air conditioner anymore. We had already fixed it once past the "this is the last time" decision. So off we went and replaced our 2004 sienna with a new 2014 sienna. It's pretty similar but the storage is a but different and I am trying to figure out my new systems. We have this deep storage compartment in between the front ...continue reading

Keeping Things In Order : Your Family Vehicle

Yesterday I talked about how to set up systems with your laundry and clothing.  Today i wanted to talk about your car.  As a mother of three I spend a lot of time in my car on a daily basis.  When it gets dirty and full of trash or junk it makes me frustrated.   I set up a couple of systems in my car to keep it from being the pit of doom. First is the trunk.  The way way back of my minivan.  It's a large space and can get filled quickly.  I use it like a closet in my ...continue reading