Keeping Up With Blogs

Are you familiar with google reader? Do you read many blogs and have a hard time remembering their url?  Do you wish you knew what blogs were worthy of your time when you have a few minutes for reading? Read on! I am an avid blog reader.  I have a short attention span and a blog post is just the right thing for me.  I currently have 166 blogs I am subscribed to.  Yes! You read that right.  Ha!  How do I keep up with all those blogs?  Google Reader.  There are all ...continue reading

Vacation Does A Body Good

I took a short little mommy vacation this past weekend.  I spent Thursday through Sunday visiting one of my best friends in Alabama.  The Mr. stayed back home with our three kiddos and didn't complain one bit.  I'm so grateful for times like that to just get away and have fun with a friend.   She lives in a beautiful home that looks out on a lake.  It was almost magical to watch the mist roll over the top of the lake in the morning. She invited some of her friends ...continue reading