I am so thankful for my wonderful clients.  They give me the encouragement to know what I’m doing is just the right thing!

Here is what they have to say!

Just want to sing the praises of the amazing Julie Moon! I sometimes panic at the thought of moving or big organizational tasks. After my first round with Julie, my recent studio move created only excitement because I knew I would have Julie there!  I had no idea designing spaces and organizing could be such a talent. Not only will she lift the heaviest workbench and climb the highest ladder, she’ll get a face full of dust and shake it off with a laugh. And in the end, the space will be so beautiful in a way you never could have imagined. Efficient, functional and beautiful (my studio, as well as Julie). Thank you Thank you!!! – Beth C.

Julie brings an excellent blend of organization and style to her work. She’s an expert at taking stock of what’s in your home and how it can be put to better, more beautiful use. If you’re worried about an organizer who just wants you to purge all your stuff, don’t give that a second thought with Julie. She won’t make you get rid of anything you’re not ready to part with. She may tease you a little bit about why you feel compelled to keep that first-generation digital camera that’s the size of a brick (true story!), but if you can find a place to display your treasures or store them, they are yours for the keeping. Julie will gently walk you through the process of choosing what to keep, what to store, what to sell, what to trash, and what to give away. In the end, your space will feel spacious and light. If you want more room to breathe, hire Julie! – Jenni D.

Julie came to our house to help me organize at the worst stage of house move-in, renovation, and organization. She had no judgement of the clutter and bed (yes, I said bed) stored in the middle of our living room. I really felt I could trust her. She could see past the clutter and boxes to help me envision a flow and organization to our home. We had a great time chatting about ideas and then her follow-up was perfect. She sent me a list of our ideas/thoughts and also put up photos for me on Pinterest. I loved the Pinterest photos! It was so inspiring to communicate through it. I made a lot of headway based upon all that inspiration (the bed in the living room is long gone and we have a functioning home) – it was exactly what I needed. I look forward to having Julie back as we continue to settle into and organize our home. – Jenna J.

Working with Julie was a true pleasure. She was knowledgeable, efficient and conscientious of my time and money. She made my work space much more user friendly and I have recommended her to all of my friends and will continue to do so in the future! – Allison K.

Julie has helped me with various jobs and is always fast and efficient. She has good ideas and listens to your needs and wants to incorporate them into your family’s lifestyle. I’ve recommended her services to friends and acquaintances and will continue to do so. A great value! – Shelly M.

Julie is one of my new favorite people. I found myself at a place of desperation – three kids in 4 years and no natural inclination for organization had left my house in chaos.  Julie has been patient and helpful as we’ve started working room by room to bring order and beauty to my busy home.  I am so thankful to have found her and would recommend her to anyone needing a little {or a lot} of organization encouragement. – Heather

I am in organizing bliss. Can you blog on this? How organizing makes you *feel*! Seriously, maybe its because the kids haven’t yet come home from the lake and destroyed everything, or maybe not. But I am feeling so incredibly thankful for your help in making things look better, feel better and run more smoothly in my busy party of five home. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me FEEL so much better in my own home! – Meg H.

The work Julie helped us do was fabulous! The space felt so free and clear. We added a room to the house just by clearing the clutter! Julie was awesome to work with, had great vision and stunning execution! – Sarah

Thank you Julie. I feel like that may not be enough. Julie and I spent 14 hours on my house and I can not believe the difference it has made in my family’s life. I feel like i made a great decision for my family we were just overrun with life and having Julie there made you slow down focus and get the “things” in your life in so you can live peacefully and fully to your family’s potential.  She is non-judgmental! The systems that she comes up with save time and are very easy to maintain. Thank you for peace Julie.– Grace C.

Although all my friends can benefit from her website, only my Athens area friends have access to the organizing goddess herself. If you’re unaware of her, check out her site. She came to my place for just 3.5 hours and we got an incredible amount of work done, and even more brainstorming on how to organize and make my house function better! – Sloane N.