The Teacher In Me Is Proud

In my first career I was a teacher.  A high school french teacher...but really just a lover of learning.  I am still a teacher at heart and I naturally bring that into my work on a daily basis.  I aim to TEACH my clients as we work together.  This is why I work together with my clients...they must be involved in what we are doing.  I want to leave them prepared to tackle things on their own.  I want them to be able to teach their children.  I want them to start thinking ...continue reading

Q & A Hour Success

Tap, Tap, Tappity Tap, Tap, Tap, Tappity Tap, Tap, Tap, Tappity Tap That's all that could be heard at my house for the past hour.  I hosted an online question and answer session for locals interested in organizing.  They posted questions about and pictures of problem areas.  I encouraged them to post the things that are stumping them in their organizing process.  I then offered them different solutions for how to choose the right storage containers and ways to think ...continue reading

Gift Certificates are Here!

Hot off the presses...I have gift certificates for this holiday season.  You can get a gift certificate in any amount you like.  Add it to your pinterest wishlist or share it with your husband so you get something that will be guaranteed to make you happy and make your life more organized. ...continue reading

Neat & Pretty Fridays…coming your way!

  This week is the last week of school for my littles.  Summer is so close I can feel it...well I can't actually feel it because it's in the 50's today here in Georgia.  But, the kids will be home from school and we'll have lots planned for a fun filled summer vacation.  But, fear not my friends...I have dedicated one special day to my clients this summer.  FRIDAY!  I am scheduling clients now for Fridays through May, June and July so that I can help you get all ...continue reading

Do You See What I See?

Sometimes you feel like you just need a fresh perspective.  You need something to motivate you a bit...get you thinking more clearly.  I mentioned to my very talented sister that I wanted to freshen up the blog and boom...the ball was rolling.  She is an awesome graphic designer at and truly has a talent for envisioning things and then making them happen.  She knew exactly the direction I wanted to go and she entered this magical little world as I ...continue reading