Time Timer For The Win

I have three children.  I have three children who all attend the same school.  I have three children who all attend the same school and all need a little help getting ready for school in the morning.  Did I mention that I don't like talking to people in the morning...much less prodding children along when they want to stay in bed and play with lego in the morning?  Yea, that's our life.  I went to visit my good friend Jenni and she introduced me to the idea of using a ...continue reading

Neat & Pretty Fridays…coming your way!

  This week is the last week of school for my littles.  Summer is so close I can feel it...well I can't actually feel it because it's in the 50's today here in Georgia.  But, the kids will be home from school and we'll have lots planned for a fun filled summer vacation.  But, fear not my friends...I have dedicated one special day to my clients this summer.  FRIDAY!  I am scheduling clients now for Fridays through May, June and July so that I can help you get all ...continue reading

Let’s Get Vertical

I talk with all of my clients about using the vertical space in our homes and offices.  So often I see people using their closets to the max or using the floor space but I see vertical space being unused.  It's so valuable and can be so useful in your home.  I'll show you a few places in myhome where I am using vertical space. Off of my kitchen I have an area where we have some bins for storing headphones and chargers (and the top one has candy...shhh).  The ...continue reading

Happily Ever After

  My baby sister got married this weekend.  Isn't she beautiful?  Have you planned a wedding...holy wow it's a lot of work.  I think for most people it's the biggest party/event that you'll ever throw.  And I just get a bit overwhelmed thinking about an upcoming 8 year old and 10 year old having birthday parties I have to plan.  She was so great with all the details and it was a wonderful party that both the adults and all the children enjoyed.  I can't ...continue reading

Do You See What I See?

Sometimes you feel like you just need a fresh perspective.  You need something to motivate you a bit...get you thinking more clearly.  I mentioned to my very talented sister that I wanted to freshen up the blog and boom...the ball was rolling.  She is an awesome graphic designer at www.imajworks.com and truly has a talent for envisioning things and then making them happen.  She knew exactly the direction I wanted to go and she entered this magical little world as I ...continue reading