Back To School Stacks

  I feel like most of what I have done this week is put out fires and tackle stacks.  Monday was our first day of school.  I have two in elementary school and this year I have one in middle school.  This means two times the parent meetings, two times the school events and two times the paperwork.  Well, truly I have three sets of paperwork but two different schools means different channels of communication going out and coming in.  To top that all off I spent all ...continue reading

I Must Confess: Kitchen Envy

I have kitchen envy.  I live in a 1960's ranch home.  It's solid, brick construction in a rectangle.  I love our house but the kitchen is something I would love to change.  We have old cabinets that were built here in the house and therefore can't be simply reconfigured.  They have been painted and updated with new knobs but that's about all.   They are all one solid piece on each wall.  We have a soffit at the top of the cabinets that I always view as wasted space.   We ...continue reading

Listen To Your Own Advice…I Must Confess

So I must confess,  I had a bit of meltdown with a good friend this week.  I was feeling overwhelmed with all the life changes going on here at my house.  I wouldn't consider myself an over achiever in motherhood but I do like to accomplish what goals I set for myself. This week however, I've felt a bit like I was chasing my own life.  My 8 year old told me that all she wanted for her birthday was poppyseed chicken...a dinner favorite. Which means I haven't made it in ...continue reading

Musical Cleanup

I went over to my sister's last night for a little girls night.  A much needed reprieve in the summer when my children are home "bored" from school and it's too hot to send them outside all day.  When I left children were running around like they'd eaten a night's full of halloween candy and my house was NOT neat & say the least.   I love my husband dearly but cleaning just isn't his thing.  I usually know that when I come home from an event like this my ...continue reading