Containers In The Kitchen

I helped a client organize part of her kitchen yesterday and found myself explaining several set ups I have in my kitchen.  I thought it would be interesting for you all to see how I have somet things contained and organized in the kitchen.  I have a medium sized kitchen.  It was built in 1963 and if I could redo all the cabinetry then it would probably double the space in the kitchen.  The current shelves are not adjustable and therefore there is much wasted space. ...continue reading

Do It With Me: Sheets

I help lots of people organize their linen closets.  Sheets can be a big battle.  They are huge, often awkward to fold.  We often have several of the same color or size.  How in the world do you keep it from becoming a nightmare to deal with?  Give me 30 minutes today and you can tidy up your linens and make them Neat & Pretty today! Here's my favorite tip for sheets.  Take one pillowcase and put it to the side.  Fold your flat, fitted and second pillowcase (if ...continue reading

Pinterest Challenge…Measure Up

  So many of us want to spend time organizing every last beautiful thing our children do.  How they look, what they say, how they are growing...the list goes on and on doesn't it? I want to but the truth is that I have three children and two businesses and a busy life.   I have managed to put a few things down in a baby book and I've been pretty  good about documenting their live in photos.  One thing we are always talking about here at our house is how big the ...continue reading

Do It With Me: Refrigerators

I was going to do a wonderful before and after of my fridge before grocery shopping day....above. really is THAT empty.  And then I was going to photograph my fridge after I did all our grocery shopping.  But, today while I was at my local kroger...which a friend affectionally calls "broken kroger"...the POWER WENT OUT.  I was a third of my way through the store and then it's dark inside kroger and they requested that everyone move to the front of the store to ...continue reading