Let’s Tackle Some Kitchens

Here's a challenge for you. Today I'm working on a client kitchen. We are going to take a look at all the cabinets, make sure we are using them the most efficient way and then organize them. I guarantee we will find some things to purge and I guarantee we will find something the client didn't know was there. Let's work on our kitchens today. Even if it's just one cabinet in your kitchen (pantry, silverware drawer, cups, pots)...pull it all out, assess what you have and ...continue reading

Tis The Season…For Catalogs

 I'm sure if your mailbox is anything like my mailbox....it's filling up with catalogs.  I really enjoy getting them in the mail because it helps get me in the holiday spirit and it's also a great way to start getting ideas from the children about what they'd like for Christmas.  They start making lists and circling things instead of doing homework and eating their breakfast.  Well...at least that is what happened this morning. But, if you're like me, you also end up ...continue reading

Monday Challenge : List-en Up!

It's back to school week here at Moon Headquarters.  The kids are headed off on Wednesday which means that in theory I should be able to accomplish more than one or two things in a day.   This means my list making skills are about to be put to good use.  This year I am going to be working, serving as PTA secretary, serving the campus students at church, helping my husband with one of his ventures and mommying full time.  There is something so incredibly frustrating about ...continue reading

I Like To Move It, Move It

Today I stumbled upon a photo album of our home.  I created this album when our home was for sale in March of last year.  Now I am fully aware that I like to rearrange furniture.  I'm notorious for swapping kids rooms around and just changing things up for the heck of changing them but this album was shocking to me to see how much I have changed in just one year.   I have moved large pieces of furniture around my home, swapped out dishes in the kitchen, changed ...continue reading

Do It With Me: Spring Clothing Purge Challenge

I  came down with a fever today...a spring cleaning fever!  If you know me well...then you know I actually don't like to clean at all.  So when I get the fever I purge closets.  Today I decided it was my turn to purge things out of my own closet.  I have had a stack of those "too small" clothes sitting in the top of my closet for way too long.  It was time to just let go. I also had 50 hangers worth of things in my closet that I just needed to let go of...they were ...continue reading