Christmas Presents Organized

It's so funny that when you are an organizer you naturally come up with a system for everything.  This time I came up with a system for organizing our Christmas presents. I'm not talking about the lists I have for each person I'm shopping for or the Wunderlist I've created for store by store shopping.  I'm talking about keeping track of what present is for what family after it's been wrapped and tagged.  If you're anything like our family we celebrate with friends and ...continue reading

Move Some Furniture

Sometimes you have looked at a space in your home so many times you just can't envision it any other way.  You can't see the potential in a room.  I have had the opportunity recently to work with a client who has let me help her rearrange some spaces in her home.  Actually every single room in her house she let me rearrange.  We moved a couple dressers, a sofa, a dining table, a large shelving unit and got rid of a bed.  Her home looks amazing and it seems to have gained ...continue reading

Let It Breathe

Spring is in the air...well the pollen is in the air...soon enough it will be warm.  After this freeze warning we have in Athens is over.  Grrr.  But...back to spring.  It's a time to freshen up our home, change things up and let them breathe.  What do I mean?  I mean give them a little space.  I notice over the winter I tend to add more things into my home.  We need more coats, more blankets, more little baskets to put my stuff because it's too cold to get up and go put ...continue reading

Tidy Little Toothbrushes

I can't take full credit for this project.  I saw a post on pinterest I think it was...someone remodeled their bathroom and used mason jars attached to a wooden board to organize their kids toothbrushes and toothpaste.  We have been in the throes of sickness for the entire month of December and I thought it might be nice to not be sharing toothbrush and toothpaste germs and maybe everyone would take a little more pride in how they dispense their toothpaste if it was ...continue reading

Laundry Horror to Laundry Haven

We live in a 1960's ranch house.  Evidently when they built my house noone thought it was important to put the laundry room inside the house.  Instead they thought it would be fun to put it in a storage room off the carport.  So yes,  I have been known to run half naked out to the laundry room to grab a pair of jeans that are still in the know you do it to! It's hot in the summer and cold in the one wants to put on their winter coat to go fetch ...continue reading