Intentional Shelves: Before & After

Just because you have a huge basement with lots of shelves doesn't mean you can't get overwhelmed by your stuff and getting it put on those shelves.  This is a wonderful before and after that I worked on with my client.  Her basement is very large and they have some awesome metal shelving that they have attached to the walls in the basement.  She hadn't really ever made the time to put things on the shelf in an organized way.  Something I teach all my clients is to be ...continue reading

Closet Before and After

Sometimes all it takes is a little motivation and another person's eye to get your closet working well for you.  I had just that situation recently when a client wanted to redo her closet.  We didn't have a lot of time to work together so we tag teamed her closet.  She spent a late night pulling everything out of her closet and getting rid of many things.  She left me with the clothes that she wanted to go back into her closet and left me alone, in charge.  I was able to ...continue reading

The Way You Make Me Feel

I have been told over and over by my clients that they love how having an organized home makes them feel.  It's not just a matter of feeling put together and having things look pretty.  It's not about making your home look like a catalog.  It's about your home feeling like YOUR HOME.  It's about your home portraying exactly what you want it to instead of feeling like your home isn't YOUR OWN. Sure, there are benefits to having a home that is Neat & Pretty. You ...continue reading

A Bad Case of The Basement Blues

Do you have a room in your house that just makes you depressed?  You enter it only to just turn around and walk away?  This is exactly how my client felt about her basement.  She was paralyzed by the amount of stuff she had accumulated.  She also couldn't figure out where to start.  We had already worked on the rooms in the main living area of her house earlier in the month.  The upstairs was looking beautiful but the basement...just gloomy. ...continue reading

Closet Switcheroo: Before & After

My client began an incredible double room makeover.  New paint, new bedding, new arrangement of beds...and it was almost complete.  She needed one more component...organized closets.  She had switched rooms and therefore needed to switch closets too.  We purged out clothing that was too big for her baby but too small for her biggest.  We got rid of some things that no one liked at all.  We made two HUGE trash bags full of stuff for her to sell at the upcoming consignment ...continue reading