The Cottage

I have some new clients that I am pretty darn excited about.  We are new friends and have known each other for about a year.  But this is first time that we have worked on any organizing together.  They recently had the ability to travel abroad for an extended period of time and upon returning to their home they realized it was time to make some changes.  When you live out of a backpack and barely have any of your possessions with you for an extended period of time it really makes you think about what you have in your home when you return.  What a great way to see your home with clear eyes.  The way that others see your home.  Yes, yes…I know we’d all love to travel through Europe for a couple of months for perspective but seriously…haven’t you ever felt like that after a long weekend away?  Have you ever recarpeted a room, moved all the furniture out and then thought “What if I don’t move everything back into this room?”

I hope to blog all the way through this project so that my readers can experience a total transformation with us as we work on “The Cottage”.   It’s a beautiful home that has had some additions and changes in it’s life.  It’s home to a wonderful family who wants to enjoy every corner of their home but for every corner to be intentional.  We started this project this past Monday…July 27th.  I’m going to try to be good about taking before and after shots of our spaces but to be honest sometimes I just jump right in and forget about those before shots.

We began our project in the family room.  Here is the space before we got started.

2015-07-31 12.18.09

This space was for toys. The children in this home had outgrown many of these toys and we enlisted their help to sort and go through toys that they really felt like they needed to keep and what they felt like they could let go of. The children were amazing!

the cottage family room

This was the art station. Markers, paint and stickers galore. Here for them to have easy access. We made some big decisions about this corner. I can’t wait to show you what we have done with this corner.

2015-07-31 12.18.22

This room is filled with an entire wall of shelves. We have some great plans for these shelves and I can’t wait to get to work on those. So much potential here.


Stay tuned for some amazing transformations.  I’m very proud of this client’s enthusiasm and dedication to making over her home.  I know this is going to be a great project that will be life changing! You’re going to fall in love with this cottage too.