Find Your Motivation

Find Your Motivation To Get Organized

It’s January….the new year…everyone is making resolutions and goals. Have you?  Did you make a goal about organizing?

Before you can make a goal you need to know what you want to change or why you want to change.

Here are some things that you may be thinking.

-I want to get more organized.

-I want to declutter my house.

-I want to get my house ready to sell.

-I don’t want to be embarrassed to invite someone over to my home.

-I want to be able to find things in my home in a reasonable amount of time.

-I want to love my home.

-I need room for my new husband/baby.

-I have 1 million unread emails weighing on me making me feel bad.

-I need to be more productive in my work space.

-I want to make room to work from home/be creative/make art/sew/etc.

Do any of these resonate with you?  Great….if so you probably have your WHY.

Second you need to figure out your HOW.  How am I going to get motivated to be organized?  How am I actually going to get started on this project?

-Find a friend (or hire me) to help you get started.  You might need someone to help you come up with a plan of action…or maybe help you clear out that first pile of junk.  Maybe you need a friend to help you decide what you need to purge from your closet.  Whatever the case…sometimes it’s just easier to do WITH someone.

-Reward yourself during or after organization with something you love.  Recently I needed to get my bathroom in shape.  It was more dirty than disorganized but nonetheless I needed motivation.  I downloaded the podcast Serial and would only allow myself to listen to the podcast if I was working in the bathroom.  I was addicted to listening so as you can bathroom is looking fabulous!  I pull this same tactic out when it’s time to do major laundry or change sheets on all the beds.  Maybe you prefer a food treat or watching a tv show when you have finished a set amount of work.

-Make yourself accountable to someone. Sometimes talking about organizing feels like talking about exercise…but I think they do have many parallels.  Find someone who will keep you accountable to what you say you want to do.  Maybe it’s  a friend and you want to work on something together.  Maybe it’s a daily challenge…there are many of those out on the internet to find and follow.  Maybe it’s via your facebook world or instagram.  Sometimes just knowing that other people are going to be doing it along with you or asking how it’s going is enough motivation to keep you working hard.

Find your WHY and find your HOW…and you’re on the road to a more organized space.