How To Keep Your Dresser Drawers Tidy

How To Keep Your Dresser Drawers Tidy

Dresser drawers get treated pretty poorly. Things are shoved in, forced to comply to the given space and things often disappear never to be heard from again. OK maybe I’m being a bit dramatic but for the most part we just don’t have our drawers looking great and functioning to their greatest potential.  I thought I would offer up a few solutions for how to make your drawers a little more Neat & Pretty. These are some simple solutions that won’t break the bank and you can likely tackle them in about 5 minutes.  You might even find yourself so motivated that you take an extra 15 minutes and purge those dresser drawers….why organize something you don’t love or wear?

1- ORGANIZE YOUR TEES AND TANKS  BY FOLDING THEM VERTICALLY LIKE FILES – I love this method because I’m usually hunting a specific tank or tee when I’m looking in my drawer.  I want the blue tank that goes with this one button up shirt I have…and I make a mess of everything trying to find that one tank.  So this way…you fold the shirts and stack them in the drawer vertically.  You skim through and find the “file” you need and no more tank top chaos.


organize your tees and tanks by folding them vertically like files

2-USE A DRAWER DIVIDER TO MULTIPLY AVAILABLE SPACE – I have used these dividers for years in so many different drawers.  They simply turn a large dresser drawer into two or more divided spaces.  Not only does it look a bit tidier I think you might be shocked at how much room you could gain by dividing the drawer space.  I bought these at Target or Bed Bath and Beyond. They are spring loaded so they fit securely in the drawer.  You could certainly DIY something if you’re wanting to be creative.

use a drawer divider to multiply your available space

3-USE A STORAGE BIN TO CREATE A CONTAINED SECTION WITHIN A DRAWER – I have used these $1 bins from Target in every area of my house.  They are usually sold in sets of 5 for $5 on the end caps of the organizing section.  We put these in drawers to contain items and make more room.  I have used bins like this is our art supply organization and in our junk drawers and desk drawers. Such a simple thing to drop a bin in and make finding things so much easier.

use a storage bin to create a contained section within a drawer


Hopefully this sparked a few ideas for how you can make your own dresser drawers a little more functional or a little more beautiful. You deserve it! I can’t wait to hear how it helps you!

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