Activity Bags


My children are 11, 9 and 5.  We have one playing volleyball, one playing flag football and one taking trapeze lessons.  On top of that we attend church regularly and sometimes help out with the campus ministry at church.  And we do have a little bit of a social life beyond that…sometimes.  HA!   Last year we were always arriving at someone’s lesson or practice and the other children were complaining of being bored, thirsty of hungry.  So this year we are trying to be proactive.  Each child has their own “activity bag”.  This means that they each have a bag that they are responsible for packing at night if we have activities the next day.  They are monogrammed with their name so as to eliminate loss and so far they are working well.   These are the medium, long handled boat and tote bags from LL Bean.

Do you have a special go to bag for activities and extracurriculars?