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Neat & Pretty | Summer Schedule

I had a friend ask today about this summer schedule we used last year.  I had forgotten all about that schedule and went digging to find it.  I love it when someone reminds me of a good idea I had but had forgotten about.  Summer is almost upon us here in Athens….only 7 more days of school!  I find summer is much more manageable when I have a plan.  I spend less time being that cranky mom who no one listens to and more of the fun mom taking her kids to do fun things around town.  Happy moms make for happy summers!

I made this schedule as a guide for last summer.  It wasn’t meant to be super strict or non negotiable.   Instead it’s a guide for how we will structure our days during summer break. It all began because there are a couple of things that drive me bonkers with three kids home over the summer. They are related to food and electronics.


Kids eating ALL THE TIME kills me.  Seriously, sometimes I thought maybe I’d given birth to a family of racoons instead of children.  They eat all day long if I don’t stop them.  In the schedule I gave them a long breakfast time but they have to get themselves something to eat by 10 am or the KITCHEN IS CLOSED!  We have a morning and afternoon snack time as well as lunch.  We certainly make exceptions but that just worked well.


The second thing that really makes me a little insane over the summer is kids just sitting around with their face in a screen.  I love my electronics as much as the next kid but we need time to play and enjoy one another.  This also encourages me to get out of the house, take the kids to the pool and just have fun over the summer.  We have time each morning and again in the evening but for the larger portion of the day…we are engaging with one another.

I thought it would be helpful for me to share with you guys what I have done with my summer schedule.  We will likely do the same this summer.  My children are 11, 9 and 5.  Have you made similar schedules?  Have you found certain routines in the summer that support your family values?


  1. Having used the schedule for a summer, will you tweak it at all?

    • The only thing that will be a bit different is that I need to get up and go to the gym several days a week. So I will need to decide who is going to the gym with me and what that means for their routine.

      The big kids now have a daily chore. I will probably put that in the morning routine. Things just run more smoothly for us in summer when we get stuff done in the morning. We end up at the pool most days.

  2. Thank you for this schedule Julie! I am writing up our summer schedule this morning and Googled your summer schedule from last year. I am trying to plan working at home around the kids and the electronics schedule. Thanks a bunch!!! Gwen