Live Within Your Means

small house on beach“Live within your means.”

We often hear this quote when talking about finances but why can’t we apply this to our homes?

I hear the same thing from my clients no matter the size of their house.  “I’m running out of room.”  “I don’t have enough storage.”  “We need more space.”

I would like to challenge that thinking and suggest that many you need to embrace the space that you have.  Acknowledge the amount of space you have and accomodate your stuff to fit that space.  Quit trying to force your space to be something that it is not.  Embrace it!  You are more than likely not enjoying the space you have because you keep wishing for more space.

There is a home decor blogger I follow who has a great attitude about this thing.  Instead of always waiting for the perfect home and the most space you can get.  She suggests “love the home you’re with”…and how great is that attitude.  The Nesting Place

love the home you're with