Let It Go

Today is a great day.  You have just decluttered your home.  Or maybe you purged your closet and really only kept the things you love.   Maybe you decided to thin out the piles of children’s toys.  That is awesome!  Give yourself a pat on the back.  You have done a great thing.  You are moving forward with making your life more peaceful and less cluttered.

But wait! You now have a pile of perfectly good tchotchkes, clothes or toys.  These things are worth REAL MONEY.  I can’t possibly just dump all these things off at Goodwill.  You say to yourself “I’m losing money if I just donate these things.”

let it go

The real question you need to ask yourself right now.   Go walk over to the mirror and say this outloud to yourself  “What is more important?  Finishing your organizing project or starting a new career selling all your used junk?”  Unless you’re already a pro at selling things online….this is not going to bode well.  You’re just going to get bogged down with a pile of things that you can’t sell and are STILL junking up your house.  In the words of Elsa from Frozen  “Let it go!  Let it go!”  Trust me!  Just let it go…give it away.  Donate it to your local women’s shelter or Goodwill.  I promise in 10 days you will not even remember what it was that you donated.  You will have the freedom to just move on with your life and breathe in the new space!