Give Honor To The Things You Love


Today I helped a client choose what to put on some built in shelves in her dining/living area.  She hadn’t really touched the shelves since she unpacked when they first moved in and random things were on the shelf.  We emptied the shelves completely and then I asked her to look around and bring me things that she loved.  At first, she had a hard time picking things.  She brought me one or two and I picked a few I personally loved.  Then she really started thinking about things that she loved in her house.  She brought me old cutting boards that were her grandmother’s and handmade pottery from her son.  She brought me baking dishes that were colorful and made her smile.  She pulled out all the cookbook

s that she loved and some that she had inherited from family members.  She found a special wooden carving that her husband had made, a basket from a trip to Germany and some little drawings from a trip to Europe.  She really loved so many things but she had forgotten how special each of these were to her.  As I moved them around and grouped them together she told me stories and we created a wall full of memories and beauty.  Many of the items are things she will pull down and use to mix up a batch of cookies or serve something at a party….form and function.  I think the end result is really beautiful and will be fun to enjoy as she has all of her family over for Christmas this year.

I speak of honoring the things you love often with my clients.  They know that I strongly believe that you should enjoy the things you love in your home.  I believe in using that handmade pottery, displaying those special keepsakes and showing off your mementos that you cherish.  Didn’t you buy that tea towel so that you could remember that special trip every time you use it?  Don’t you think of your beloved sister in law every time you use that beautiful mug she made.  Don’t you love that you inherited that special tiered serving dish that was your grandmothers and even though you don’t have lots of parties to serve cookies and muffins you actually have lots of special collections from your 4 year old that look beautiful on display?  Don’t you love that you have some original watercolor art framed and hung on your living room wall…originals from when your son was 6 years old and loved that medium and really created some beautiful things?  Why, YES I do!  These are all things that I have and that I love and therefore I use them and give them honor in my home.

Think about your own home.  Do you have special things that you never use because they are just so “special”.   Do you fail to enjoy them because you are afraid of losing them or damaging them?  Wouldn’t it be great to find a way to incorporate them into your home so you can truly enjoy them on a daily basis?

Think outside the box.  You can use a special dish by your bed for last minute jewelry you forgot to remove.  You can use a handmade pot for a pile of pens you would like to keep on your desk.  You should frame some of your children’s favorite art work.  Use your grandmother’s silver…she probably did and that means every time you do you’re holding something that she once did.  Wear the special perfume your husband bought you…he wants to smell it.  Go get a nail and hang up some of that art work that you still haven’t hung since you moved into your house.  Display or use all those little pinch pots your elementary school aged children made in art class…ours hold safety pins from the drycleaners.

Give honor to the things you love.  Trust me, it will make you happy and you will truly love them more.