Time Timer For The Win


I have three children.  I have three children who all attend the same school.  I have three children who all attend the same school and all need a little help getting ready for school in the morning.  Did I mention that I don’t like talking to people in the morning…much less prodding children along when they want to stay in bed and play with lego in the morning?  Yea, that’s our life.  I went to visit my good friend Jenni and she introduced me to the idea of using a Time Timer in our home.  The children understand the visual timer and are able to pace themselves as they see the red time getting smaller and smaller.  Even my two children who know how to tell time are excited about this countdown.   Last night I set it to show my youngest how long she had until bath time.  This morning I gave my son a visual reminder of how much time until he needed to be at the breakfast table.  When the timer goes off there is a ‘beep beep beep’ that signals time is up.  I really want to make sure I am not nagging my children along each morning and I don’t want that nagging to get my mornings off to a poor start.

I hope to be able to use this for many things in our lives.  It would be great for homework and reading time.  I think we could use it for electronics for sure.  I might use it to show the kids how long until snack time, lunch or dinner which is often a problem during the summer here at our house.  I could certainly use it for myself as well.  It uses one AA battery and has a little handle on top for easy portability. I think I might have to get a couple more of these actually as the kids really are digging the idea of using it and our house doesn’t lend itself to one central timer location.  Have you used a timer like this?