Clip It Up

It’s almost back to school time! All three of my children will be going to school full time this year.  This year we’re moving back into our regular school building after it has been COMPLETELY fact, most of it was demolished and a new building was built behind and attached to the historic building.  Suffice it to say that there will be a lot of change and chaos around the start of school this year.

Thankfully our school is fantastic at communication.  We get emails, newsletters and lots of paperwork helping keep us informed and in the loop regarding school stuff.  I decided to throw two simple clip boards up on the wall in my kitchen to contain this paperwork.

school paperwork-2

It makes it really easy to find whatever important paper I’m looking for and they don’t get lost in a pile of paper or in a bin somewhere.  We keep the school lunch menu on top so we can always check it in case one of the children wants to eat a school lunch.  Cheap, easy idea…maybe this would work for you.  Tackle that paper! If you can get a plan for the paper before it starts rolling in you’ll be so much happier.  Oh…and MOST of the paperwork that comes home ends up in my recycling bin.