Let It Breathe

3-21 spring

Spring is in the air…well the pollen is in the air…soon enough it will be warm.  After this freeze warning we have in Athens is over.  Grrr.  But…back to spring.  It’s a time to freshen up our home, change things up and let them breathe.  What do I mean?  I mean give them a little space.  I notice over the winter I tend to add more things into my home.  We need more coats, more blankets, more little baskets to put my stuff because it’s too cold to get up and go put them away.  When the spring comes I crave a little lightness in the house.  I like to see a little more empty space.  Space to let my things b…..r…….e…….a……..t……h……..e.

So how do you do this Julie?  Don’t you need all those things still?  Here is what I do.

1- Pick a room and remove everything you can lift with one hand.  Put it all in a pile…preferably a surface where you can see all that you have later.  This is a great time to do a little spring cleaning while you’re at it.  You can take this to whatever level you would like.  Maybe you just start with the decorative stuff, maybe you even do bookshelves…maybe even the walls.  I plan on doing this soon as I want to repaint a few rooms.  (Any painters wanna swap some organizing time? haha)

2- Once all the small things are gone you have an opportunity to evaluate the space.  Do you use this space?  Is it functioning for your family now?  Have you outgrown it because your family is larger or because you no longer have little bitties?  Maybe noone ever sits in that one chair in the corner.  Do you need to get rid of it?  Are you always looking for a place to sit down with your computer or to write some bills.  Maybe you actually need a desk in that corner instead of that chair.  Do you always have a glare on the TV from the sofa?  Maybe you could rearrange the room so that wouldn’t happen anymore.  I bet your husband would enjoy that come football season.  Do you really hate the color of the paint on the wall?  How about freshing that up so you feel inspired to make this space special again.   Ask a friend to come over and try out moving some furniture around.   Ask any of my clients, I like to try things out and the only way I can tell if I like it is if we actually move things.   Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but then you know!

3- Now go take a look at that table of stuff you removed from your room.  Go ahead and get rid of the stuff you don’t love.  Why are you decorating  your house with things that don’t make you happy?  Now think about the feeling you’d like to have when you’re in that “new” room and only bring back the things that support that feeling.  If there are some things you love but they shouldn’t be in that room maybe you could use them in another room or maybe they need to be packed away for a period of time.  Go ahead and shop the rest of your house for things for this “new” room if you like.   Swap some pillows around the house.  Change out a painting or some pictures.  Your house doesn’t have to look the same way forever!  It might not even cost you a penny to have a fresh, new look for spring.