Office and Laundry Room Update

Back in August we decided to update our laundry room/storage area and turn it into a functional office space for the Mister and a much more comfortable laundry room for myself.  This area is accessed by going out of our house into our carport and then there is a little room off the carport.  It’s been cold and ugly and dirty…not exactly the place you’d like to be doing laundry or working, right?

Here is a little reminder of what we did to the room in August.

And here is what it is looking like today.


The room is a long rectangle.  It is about 7 feet wide and about 18 feet long.  A client of mine offered me the carpet when she was recarpeting her house.  It was in a room that was not often used and is in great shape.  She also gave me the hanging rack which has made me feel like I have a wonderful laundry center.  The Mister moved into a new office space and the sofa was already there and not needed so we used it here in his home office.  This photo was taken from the office side looking over to the laundry side.  (Sorry…pictures in a tiny room are not easy  to  take.)  There are two exterior doors in the room and one large double window on the other side.   We are still planning to put up insulation and sheet rock…saving our pennies for that project.  I know that will really transform the room.


The Mister’s office area.  This is our old kitchen table which I think will prove to be the right size desk for him to spread out.  I hung pictures right on the studs.  It makes it feel a little cheerier until we can afford real walls.


My laundry area.  It’s nothing fancy over here but carpet underfoot really feels great and a space to hang things as they come out of the dryer really saves time and helps me not leave them in a laundry basket getting wrinkled for days.  The shelf holds all my touch up paints for the house.

It’s far from where I would consider DONE….but it’s making me happy to have the project in motion. (Even if it’s SLOW MOTION.)

laundry 2