Mmmm Pancakes

All my good friends know that cooking, grocery shopping and all things food related are my weakness.  It’s not that I’m a bad cook.  It’s that I don’t really enjoy cooking alone.  I don’t enjoy making meals unless someone else is helping.  Here at Moon Headquarters…no one else is interested either.  But this last week my children started back to school.  This means getting up early and getting three children ready for school, lunches made and fed breakfast.  I decided to spend a night and try something new.  I created a little assembly line and made pancakes and blueberry muffins to freeze.  This meant I made about 4 dozen pancakes and two dozen muffins. Easy to add to a protein in the morning and feels a little more special than toast or cereal.  My kids were so excited.  It was so easy because I made lots at once and didn’t have to make a mess in the kitchen every morning.  So far…it’s been great and the pancakes are delicious.

This was my work area.  Muffin making on the left…by the oven.  Pancakes being made on the right.  I used an electric griddle for the first time ever and that was awesome!  I will never make pancakes another way again.

I also try to do things assembly line style for lunches.  I try to keep things as similar as possible each day for all three kids…much like we do for dinner.  Scarlett’s class has a “no peanuts” rule so sometimes there is a variation for her.  I ordered these awesome little tin lunch boxes from a local store here in Athens, A Small Green Footprint.  They are awesome!  They have a second layer to them that fits on top of this one and then a lid that all clamps shut.  I use little silicone muffin tins to divide smaller items in the box.

Coming up with a “system” is key for my family in keeping things running smoothly.  Do you have any great breakfast or getting ready for school systems that you love?