Consignment Time!

I love shopping consignment sales.  But even more than shopping I love selling my children’s outgrown things at consignment sales.  I participate in two sales every year…well it’s the same sale that happens twice a year.  It is at the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds and it’s called Kidsignments (  They have a sale in February every year and another in August.  I have been shopping this sale for 9 years!  I have only missed one sale in all that time and I really get some great deals.  Here is the bounty I bought last night at the seller’s preview shopping night.  I shopped until I was about to drop!

I have three children…ages 9, 7 and 3.  I bought 55 things for $230.  (Two of those items were coats and cost me $30 so then it makes it 53 things for $200.) I told you they were great deals.  Everything I bought looks like new or is very gently loved.  I love this sale because they are super organized.  Everything that they take is in great condition and they have such a variety of things.  I find great deals every single year.   I usually break even on what I spend and what my check is for selling.  It’s amazing!

How can you not love a big sale…shopping with friends?!  We always have a great time.

Sometimes the collecting of outgrown things, hanging them, printing tags, pricing items and getting things all dropped off is too much for people.  I have decided that each season I will be accepting a few clients that I will offer a tagging service for.  And anytime you have some things you just want me to take off your hands and be rid of them…if I can sell them I will surely take them!

If you’re local you should head over to the sale this week.  It opened to the public this morning and Friday many items are 25% off and then Saturday many items are 50% off.  I promise you won’t walk out empty handed!

Do you like consignment shopping or does it overwhelm  you?