No office? No problem!

So you don’t have a dedicated space in your home for an office…you’re not alone.  So often those spaces get taken over my the little humans we have created.  I used to have an office…now I have Scarlett.  Ha! But seriously…just because you don’t have an office doesn’t mean you don’t have office stuff.  Printer paper, staplers, tape, file folders, extra checks, rubber bands, etc.  In my house I decided to dedicate a hall closet in my house to be my office supply station.  I helped one of my clients do the same in her home today.  We found a new home for all the linens that were in that closet and made space for the office “stuff”.   Just because you call it a “linen closet” doesn’t need to dictate what you put in it.  Remember how much I love for you to think outside the box.  Have a look.

Could this work for you?

Here is a look at my closet…it’s full for sure but it works so well.  I have lots of drawers in mine.  I have a tool section, a gift wrap section, ribbons and boxes for gifts, a filing cabinet, a bin for light bulbs, a drawer for batteries…and so much more.

Here’s another way I’ve gone about using a closet beyond just sheets and towels.