Double Up!

Have you ever considered that having two of an item might make your life a little easier?  I know doubling what you have wouldn’t be called decluttering or simplifying but it might really make life easier if you don’t have to go hunting for that one item.  Here are a few items I was thinking of that might be a good idea to duplicate:

1-cleaning supplies – Having a set of cleaning supplies on each floor of your house (or maybe in each bathroom) would make it easier to do quick cleanup and eliminate lugging items up and down the stairs.  I keep some wet wipes in the car for quick clean up and a roll of paper towels in my laundry room.   We also keep trash bags in a couple locations in the house where we might need them.

2- umbrellas – I keep one by the front door for when I need to run out to the mailbox in the rain.  I keep another in the car.

3- keys – Are you always wondering where that extra key is to give to a neighbor or making sure you don’t have the other car key when you leave the house…consider getting a second key made…or even a third.

4- carseat – We have a nanny who picks our youngest up from school a couple times a week.  I bought an inexpensive carseat for her to keep in her car so we avoid that constant lugging around of the seat between us.

5- spoons – Read on before you think I’m crazy.  We are morning coffee drinkers here and sometimes evening coffee drinkers.  I bought a set of smaller spoons to keep on the counter with our sugar beside the coffee maker to use just for coffee so we don’t constantly run out of regular spoons for cereal and dinner.

6- sheets – You probably already have a second set of sheets for your bed…or maybe you’re one of those people who have about 10 sets of sheets.  I keep two sets for each bed.  We put one set on the bed and the second set for that bed in the closet of that room.  No more hunting through piles of sheets in the linen closet to find the right set of sheets and all matching parts.  Here’s how I keep them folded too if you’re interested.

7- water hose – Keep one in the front and one in the back of your house so you’re not dragging it back and forth when you need to water your plants.

8- fish bowl – Last night my husband was cleaning the fish bowl and it’s a bit of a dance to do all the switching.  I suggested he just buy a second fish bowl since they are very cheap and make life a bit easier.

9- phone chargers – I keep one plugged in at my desk, another beside my bed and another in my car. You are less likely to misplace them if you just leave them where you need them.

10- soccer ball – My son needs his soccer ball at home and when he goes to practice.  We keep one ball at home and another in the car.  It’s one less thing we have to run around and find when it’s time to head to practice because we know it’s in the car.  We also keep an extra air pump in the trunk too.

11- safety pin cup – My husband dresses up for work.  He has lots of dry cleaning safety pins that used to drive me bonkers when he would drop them on the counter in the bathroom or on the dresser or his bedside table.  I finally found a great use for all those pinch pots my kids were making at school.  We have one on the bathroom shelf and one on his dresser.  If I didn’t have two he wouldn’t walk into the other room to drop the pins…I know this man well.  He knows right where to drop the pins and I feel a little bit more sane.

12- scissors – I keep one pair in the kitchen, one pair at my desk, another pair in the bathroom and another pair with the gift wrap.  Why not?  I use them in each of those places and I don’t want to walk all over the house just to cut a tag off a shirt.

13- vacuum – For those of you with stairs in your home, have you ever thought about investing in a second vacuum upstairs or in the basement?

14- first aid – I keep a first aid kit in the car and one in the house.  If I had a larger house I would probably consider having two in my house.


What items do you keep a duplicate of to make your life run more smoothly?  What items do you NEED to duplicate?



  1. I thought of another one. I keep a toiletry bag packed with the essentials…toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, etc. I keep it packed all the time so that when I need to go on a trip I just grab it, add my contacts, glasses and toothbrush and I’m ready to go.