Do It With Me: Spring Clothing Purge Challenge

I  came down with a fever today…a spring cleaning fever!  If you know me well…then you know I actually don’t like to clean at all.  So when I get the fever I purge closets.  Today I decided it was my turn to purge things out of my own closet.  I have had a stack of those “too small” clothes sitting in the top of my closet for way too long.  It was time to just let go. I also had 50 hangers worth of things in my closet that I just needed to let go of…they were either out of style, too worn or too small or even too big.  So here’s my challenge to you…see how many hangers you can empty in your closet.  I personally don’t have a huge closet and I was SHOCKED that I had that many things to let go of.  I tried everything on and made a quick decision.  It really felt great to get my closet down to what I actually love and wear.  No longer do I have the huge pile of too small clothes staring down at me, shaming me.   I am who I am and if I lose some weight and my clothes are loose…I can get more.

Here is most of what I pulled out of the closet.

My nearly 9 year old aquired many things from my closet…she was thrilled!

My newly purged closet…I told you it wasn’t that big.  🙂

And…the second part of this challenge is to not let the clothes stay in a pile on your floor but to give them away to someone…it will make you feel so happy.  Find some friends who would love the clothes, your daugher, a niece…it’s fun! Now go get to work!


  1. I was just contemplating whether its too soon to pack away winter clothes!!

    • I think I’m finally ready to admit (on this last day of “winter”) that we are officially not getting winter this year. I’m willing to put sweaters and cords away. I’m holding onto the long sleeve shirts for some reason.