I Love Chests!

One of my favorite storage tools often goes unrecognized.  Many people assume that a chest is only used for clothing in a bedroom.  I would like to hold your hand and help you step out of the box and think about using chests/dressers as storage all over your house.   I love to use them to organize all over my house.  Here is a chest that a client of mine just purchased to use in her living room.  She had it painted a fun color to add a little pop in her decor.  She plans to use this to store office supplies and things that one would usually find in an office since they don’t have a room dedicated to that here in their home.  I’m sure she’ll find lots of other uses for it in it’s new location.

I have several chests in my home.  I love the way they offer concealed storage as well as a surface to decorate.  Let me share with you what I have in my home and how I’m using them.

This is a chest I have in my hallway. The top two drawers are for myself and my husband.  We each have a drawer for our gloves and winter hats.  The middle drawer is divided in three for my three children to store their mittens and winter hats.  The children know exactly where their mittens are and they have a place to put them away easily.  The bottom drawer holds extra blankets that we use when watching movies, having indoor picnics or creating forts.  This dresser is just off my entryway near the front door and looks like a decorative piece but is used all the time.

This chest is used in a more traditional way but in a less traditional location.  I use this as my bedside table.  It looks small in the picture but it is a rather large piece. I have a small bedroom and space is at a premium.  This is where I store most of my folded clothing items.  If I just had a table here I would have wasted an area of the room that is now so very utilitarian.  Do you have spaces in your home where you have a table but maybe you could swap it out for a chest and use that empty space for some storage?

The last chest I will show you is a favorite of mine.  I purchased this one off Craigslist for just $20.  It sits near my dining table in our tv room/family room.  This is our “art cabinet”.  It has drawers on the left side that have all sorts of craft supplies and tools.  The right side is an open armoire cabinet but I filled it with some drawers to make better use of the space.  I love this piece.  It’s easy to clear off the top and use this as a serving piece for a party but most of the time the kids pencils, and paper sits on top so they have easy access for coloring and homework.  We use this piece every single day.

Inside the art cabinet!

So…now I want you to take a stroll around your home.  Where could you use a chest in your home? Do you have one that is not being used to it’s maximum potential?  Have you thought about adding one in an non conventional space? A kitchen?  A laundry room? A playroom? Let me hear what you think!