Five Minute “Spruce It Up” Projects

Here are a couple of really simple ideas for sprucing up your home.  These were two ideas I had for a client this past week.  The first came about because she has several really beautiful scarves.  She accessorizes with these more frequently than jewelry and so we decided to turn them into something decorative for her bedroom.  We found this hook rack at Target and put it up on the wall by her dresser.  Voila…beautiful scarves to look at even when they aren’t on her neck.

The second project was in her laundry/storage room.  Let’s face it most laundry/storage areas are just a bit gloomy.  This room had nothing really special going on.  It had a 1/2 glass door at the end that could be a little creepy if you’re doing laundry at night or running 1/2 naked to get your jeans out of the dryer.   So we looked for some cafe type curtains  and didn’t find anything we loved.  We could have gone to a fabric store but neither of us sew and let’s face it we wanted some immediate satisfaction.  So we turned to the bathroom curtain aisle at Target and found this beautiful curtain.  We just cut it off and used the iron hem tape to finish off the end of the curtain…voila…happy little laundry room.

Organizing and decorating projects don’t all have to be long and drawn out and they don’t have to be complicated.  Sometimes doing something small like this will inspire you to want to work on a room and get things looking even better!  Is there a quick project like this that you have tackled in your own home?