Warranties Are Great…If You Can Find Them

It’s that time of the year when we all have a new toy or gadget that we have purchased for ourselves or our children.  We have all those papers that come with the item and the receipt if we have any problems.  But what do we do with that stuff?  How can you ensure that you have it when the time comes that you need it?  I thought I’d show you what I have done with my own warranties and product information.  I have seven 3ring binders.  They are separated into categories.  Originally they were all in one but then I got MORE STUFFS…HA!  I have these categories: household, baby and kids, appliances, tools, computer and accessories, photography and electronics.  I don’t have to go searching for something very often so it’s not super important how I have them organized just that I know where all the notebooks are when I do need something.

Next I have lots of these.  They are those plastic sleeve sheet protectors.  I found them to be easier than trying to hole punch things.

Inside this is what you’ll find.  A cover page with the name of the item, date purchased (often where it was purchased), purchase price and any other relevant info.  I will admit every page isn’t complete but when I have time periodically this is really a helpful part.  Especially if I ever go to sell the item or if it were to be stolen or lost.

Behind the cover page I include any product information, receipts and warranty papers.  I just slip it all inside the plastic sleeve and voila….DONE!

It’s a really simple project.  I only had to create the system once and I have done this for years.  It’s proven to be helpful many many times.  What a great NEW YEAR project!

Have you done something similar to this?  How do you keep track of your warranties and important receipts?


  1. Elizabeth Thompson

    This is such a great idea, Julie!!! Totally gonna steal it…