Office Love

We have all been there a time or two.  Our office is a mess.  We haven’t filed papers in who knows how long.  We’re just trying to get the work done and haven’t really had enough time to get on top of the stuff that is piling up.  Maybe you moved into an office that already had furniture.  You didn’t pick what was in there and you haven’t moved a thing or really considered anything alternative.   This is exactly where this client was when she called me.  She had some great ideas for what she wanted her office to look like but just needed a second opinion and a gentle nudge to get things moving in the right direction.  We pulled all her stacks of papers onto the floor so we could begin the filing process.

We have plans for losing the huge credenza that isn’t helpful at all right now and instead adding a large bookshelf for the books on the wall that are out of reach and hovering over her head.

Here is what we ended up with after rearranging her desk a bit.  Soon those books will be wrangled and she’ll have a tidy office space again.

Instead of filing everything one at a time…when you have a big filing project sometimes it’s easier to sort and then file.  We made a few stacks to divide things into the drawer we would organize them in so we weren’t opening and closing drawers all day.  It made for a quick filing finish.

And lastly…don’t forget to put beautiful things in your office.  This is a framed work of art by my client’s daughter.  Think of your office as an extension of your home and treat it as such.

Do you have an office that needs some love?